The Team

Braam De Beer

After working in the corporate world for a long time I started volunteering at youth camps. I soon realized this is a very big part of me, when the opportunity arrived I resigned my “nice cosy” job and entered the world of youth camps and social development programs. Having worked in the industry for 17 years I am now in a position where I can develop and build my own campsite, Base Adventures (on a piece of rented farm), where I can follow my heart and do affordable great value youth camps and programs. Developing the youth of South Africa is my biggest passion, even giving those that will never get exposure to camping (special needs/and trouble teens) the opportunity everyone deserves.

Suretha De Beer

I studied the Early Childhood Development Program (Educare) at Worcester College in 2001 and 2002 which after I started working at a Pre-Primary school.  I met Braam during that time and also volunteered weekends on youth camps.  Soon after that we got married, I resigned as a preschool teacher to stand by my husbands side full-time in the camping industry.